Draft Walkability Policy Now Available

Last year, a Sidewalk Committee was formed to create a comprehensive policy for the City of Knoxville and Knox County.

Their goal was to determine requirements for new development and redevelopment areas.

Key points of the policy prioritize walkability in our community:

  • Sidewalks are required in all new subdivisions and in many other types of new development and redevelopment. 
    - In most cases, stand-alone single-family homes and duplexes built outside of subdivisions are exempt from this requirement.
  • Developers can pay a fee instead of building a sidewalk if the landscape prevents it or if there is nothing to connect the sidewalk to.
    - Those fees will be used for construction of sidewalks in the same City Council or County Commission district.
  • Greenway trails may be allowed as an alternative to sidewalks in some cases. 

A copy of the draft ordinance is available here. The Sidewalk Subcommittee will meet February 7th to discuss the draft.