MPC Sign Changes

The Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC) is making changes to their public notice signs and the procedures concerning them.

Currently, MPC staff post black and white signs on behalf of applicants for those applications requiring a public meeting. Legal requirements state that public notices must be published in the appropriate newspaper, but do not require signs to be posted. MPC posts the signs as a courtesy notification as outlined by the agency’s administrative rules.

Starting in summer of 2017, MPC will provide temporary signs to applicants to post themselves, and require a signed posting agreement that outlines the applicant’s responsibilities in posting the sign(s). All new signs will be color coded by case type to help the public identify the nature of the proposal or application. Signs will continue to be posted for the same items:

  • Rezonings
  • Plan amendments
  • Concept plans
  • Uses on review
  • Alley or street closures
  • Street or subdivision name changes
  • Variances
  • City BZA

Current signs list the nature of the application, and the date, time, and location of the upcoming public hearing. The new signs will have a case type and color to indicate the nature of the application, a phone number, website, and file number. Anyone interested can then call the listed phone number or visit MPC’s website and use the file number to find more information.

For more information, please contact Dan Kelly at 865-215-3440 or