Update: Edgewood-Park City Design Guidelines And H-1 Overlay Expansion

At their September 21 meeting, the Historic Zoning Commission (HZC) reviewed draft design guidelines that would apply to the existing Edgewood-Park City H-1 historic zoning overlay as well as the expansion area.

HZC recommended approval of the guidelines with the inclusion of revisions gathered from public input at both the August 17 and September 21 HZC meetings. The design guidelines that were recommended for approval will be reviewed by the Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC) at their October 12 meeting.

MPC and HZC recommendations on the design guidelines will then be forwarded to City Council for consideration of adoption. The H-1 overlay expansion will be considered at the same meeting.

Revisions to the design guidelines:

  • Clarified that fiber cement board siding exposure (width) should be historically appropriate (p. 20)
  • Removed “extensive scaffolding being erected for chimney repair” as a threshold in determining the feasibility of chimney repair (p. 22)
  • Allow pressure-treated wood in the form of tongue-and-groove porch flooring for front porches and those viewable from the public right-of-way (p. 25)
  • Include the pre-applicatin review process in the guidelines appendix
  • Include a map of the district in the guidelines
  • Clarified that the economic hardship provision is based on the assessed value of the property (p. 3)
  • Added wording in materials sections clarifying that more specific language will be used in instances when a unique material can be used. This will allow consideration of alternative materials that are compatible yet more available and feasible to utilize (throughout, and p. 6 &17)
  • Eliminated review of window air conditioning units (p. 32)
  • Eliminated review of gutters (p. 23)
  • Clarified the use of the word “may” vs. “can” throughout the document
  • Added the words “where possible” to “lcate ramps and other means of access along secondary elevations” (p. 33)

The current draft of the proposed design guidelines can be found below.

Proposed Design Guidelines

You can follow the process here.