Staff Milestones And Recognition

At MPC’s recent staff retreat, employees were recognized for their dedication to the agency and outstanding achievement.

We want to share their stories and thank them for their service to MPC and the community.

Mike Reynolds is celebrating his 10th year at MPC.

He is a Senior Planner with the agency, and his focus is on rezoning, development plan review, and downtown design review. Mike spends much of his time at the front desk fielding questions from the community and helping them through rezoning processes. He also leads a monthly Downtown Design Review Board meeting, responsible for keeping downtown Knoxville a vibrant, walkable place to live, work, shop, and play.

Betty Jo Mahan, Administrative Assistant for the Planning Commission and the agency’s Administrative and Recording Secretary, has kept the office running smoothly for the last 20 years.

Anyone who has ever attended an MPC meeting, read through the agenda beforehand, or checked the minutes after the meeting can thank Betty Jo and her meticulous planning and record keeping. She’s worked with several directors and dozens of staff members over the years and has seen the agency’s processes change with the increased use of technology.

Jo Ella Washburn has also reached a major milestone, celebrating 30 years at MPC as a graphic designer.

Like Mahan, she has seen technology change the work done throughout the agency over the years. Jo Ella designs many of the agency’s publications, such as brochures, plans, and the annual report. She also works on website content and is known around the office as the resident photographer. Many of the photos used in MPC’s publications, displays, and news articles can be credited to her. 

Our final anniversary announcement goes to Dan Kelly, the longest serving staff member currently employed.

Dan has been with MPC for 40 years and currently serves as Deputy Director. In this role he assists Executive Director Gerald Green and handles development plan review. Dan’s wealth of knowledge, experience, and understanding of past plans and cases is unparalleled and fundamental to the success of MPC’s work.

In addition to celebrating anniversaries, we also want to highlight staff members who were nominated by colleagues to receive MPC's Staff Appreciation Award.

Mike Reynolds was recognized for demonstrating excellence through job performance and acting as a role model for fellow employees.

He was nominated for taking the initiative to communicate and promote the work of the Planning Services Department to the public. He was also recognized for taking on additional projects that go beyond his required assignments and always being willing to help when asked.

Dori Caron, Administrative Assistant and Grants Manager, was also recognized for her outstanding work.

She provides support to several staff members, four committees each month, and several special activities throughout the year. She consistently volunteers to take on new assignments and tasks and is always the first to offer help to anyone who needs it. Whenever Dori is involved you can be sure that the details are taken care of and the project is well organized.

All of us at MPC are grateful to have such hard-working and inspiring colleagues!