New Zoning District To Help Preserve Local Rural Lands

A new zoning district will provide owners of rural property a means of ensuring preservation of farms, open space, and the scenic value that rural land can provide.  

The new Rural Preservation (RP) zone will offer an option for owners of larger pieces of land to preserve and protect agricultural activities, forest lands, and water supply. The zone also provides a way to conserve natural, scenic, and historic resources.

The new zone differs from the more common Agricultural Zoning (A) district by focusing the permitted uses more narrowly on farming, agritourism and rural lifestyles. Larger lots sizes for residential use are also required.

RP zoning will only be considered at the request of property owners.

MPC staff drafted an amendment to the Knox County Zoning Ordinance, adding the new RP district, and the Planning Commission recommended approval of the amendment on November 9, 2017. The amendment is now scheduled to be considered for adoption by Knox County Commission on December 18, 2017.