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New Tool Explores the People and Economy of Knox County

January 7, 2021 | More News

Background information for separate areas of Knoxville and Knox County has long been a staple in our sector plans. There are 12 sectors, or geographic areas that are defined for planning purposes, in Knox County. The background report found within each of these plans includes information about environmental resources, land use, population, transportation, community facilities, and utilities.

In an effort to provide more up-to-date information, Planning staff recently created Panorama, an online tool that allows users to look at interactive data and maps in greater detail.

Information on population, demographics, economic conditions, quality of life, housing, and development is currently included and additional data will continue to be added. The data comes from the U.S. Census Bureau, CDC, EPA, and Woods & Poole. Panorama allows users to view data for the entire county or a specific sector, providing additional context and an in-depth look at the people and economy of Knox County.