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New Tool Shows Density Levels in Knox County

January 28, 2021 | More News

Have you ever wondered what three or five dwelling units per acre actually looks like?

We often hear that this is hard to visualize for both elected and appointed officials and community members. Because of this, Planning staff has created Density Explorer, a tool that provides examples of different levels of density throughout Knox County.

To do this, staff identified different housing types, including detached and attached single-family as well as multi-family units, and made those available on an interactive map. The map has filters that allow users to choose one or more housing types and adjust the level of density for each. The map then populates all subdivisions and developments that meet the selected criteria.

Users can click on the highlighted developments to see photos, view the subdivision boundaries, and explore the area with Google street view.

Users will also find density, number of units, acreage, zoning, and sector for each development. Additional developments will continue to be added to this tool when data and photos are available.