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December 13, 2021 | More News

2020-2021 Annual Report Available

Each year, we prepare and distribute an Annual Report, showcasing the projects and work completed by staff and commissioners in the previous fiscal year. 

In April, the TPO Executive Board adopted Mobility Plan 2045, our region’s long-range transportation plan. Our work was made more accessible through the completion of two new tools, Panorama and Density Explorer, as well as additions to our Technical Report series. Kicking off new projects, an RFQ was released for the Knox County Comprehensive Land Use and Transportation Plan and a transit study with the City of Knoxville was initiated. In addition to the work of staff, Planning Commissioners heard 437 cases, and commissioners and board members of the Design Review Board, Historic Zoning Commissions, and TTCDA continued their work.

To find details on any of the work mentioned above, or to find out even more about our recent activity, see the full report.