2021-2022 Annual Report Available

Our staff has been hard at work over the past year on projects that are helping the city and county prepare for continued change.

Each year, we prepare and distribute an Annual Report to showcase those projects, and the most recent edition is now available. Among this year’s project highlights, staff worked closely with Knox County on Advance Knox, the first comprehensive land use and transportation plan for the county. We wrapped up corridor studies for Alcoa Highway and Northshore Drive, embarked on an update to design guidelines for Edgewood-Park City, and began work on a series of transit studies in collaboration with Knoxville Area Transit and other partners. Staff also created new online tools, like our Census Explorer, Panorama, and Density Explorer to make local demographic, development, and economic information more accessible.

In addition to the work of staff, our Planning Commissioners heard 479 cases, and commissioners and members of the Design Review Board, Historic Zoning Commissions, and TTCDA continued their work. 

To find details on any of the work mentioned above, or to learn even more about our recent activity, see the full report.