Planning Welcomes New Staff


We recently added Frankie Ramos and Spencer Schmudde to our subdivision review team and want to officially welcome them to the agency.

Frankie Ramos joined Planning last fall and has immediately fit into our team. Originally from Clarksville, he was living in Tampa and working as a construction inspector when he and his wife decided to move to Knoxville to be closer to family. He eventually found his way back to inspection work in a job he held with Knox County for 10 years. During his time with the county, he became knowledgeable about road and stormwater infrastructure, environmental controls, and working with the development community. Though he is no longer spending his days in the field, his current review work has been a natural transition in other ways as he continues to collaborate with familiar surveyors and engineers.

Spencer Schmudde joined Frankie this spring, and has also jumped right in to take on this function of our agency. Spencer is originally from Knoxville, and has lived here his entire life other than a brief stint in Greeneville, SC where he did GIS work for a company focused on business site selection and economic development. He is happy to be back in Knoxville, and to be working in local government. He has always been intrigued by maps and city planning, and has had the influence of his grandfather, a geography professor at the University of Tennessee, to helpfurther pique those interests throughout his life. Though this particular job was not initially on his radar, he says he is enjoying the technical review and is excited to learn more about all the work happening in the agency.

When they are out of the office, you will likely find both Frankie and Spencer outdoors. Frankie loves spending time with his family – his children are involved in their respective scout troops, they enjoy camping, and he loves the thrill of a rollercoaster! Spencer, on the other hand, is likely to be found swimming – whether it is at a pool, one of the quarries, or the lake. He enjoys short hikes in the area and going for a quick walk through downtown on his lunch break.

Though Frankie and Spencer have been with us a short time, they are already making a big impact. Whether you see them helping a customer at our front counter or outside soaking up East Tennessee’s natural beauty, help us in giving them a warm welcome!