Addressing Your Needs: Madison Louis and David Hobbs

Madison and David work in addressing – answering calls and emails, sorting through plats, and solving problems.

Their desks face each other, but they are divided by a cubicle wall. Little green leaves hang over the side of Madison’s filing cabinet, warmed by the large window. A Lego head mug sits by David’s computer.

They both joined the team at Knoxville-Knox County Planning last year: Madison in April and David in July.

For Madison, Knoxville is the most recent addition to her long list of homes. Growing up in a military family meant she moved often and far—from Texas, to Germany, to Ohio. She settled in Knoxville in the fall of 2019 when she began attending the University of Tennessee.

She had never lived in Tennessee, but she was drawn to the academic options at the university - specifically the anthropology department and the William M. Bass Forensic Center. She spent two years studying forensic anthropology before transferring to the geography department to study sustainability. Moving to Tennessee nearly five years ago was a leap of faith for Madison. She didn’t know the area or the people – she didn’t know if she would like it – but the risk paid off.

David has lived in Knoxville since he was a boy. Originally from Ohio, David and his family moved to Tennessee when his father got a job at Oak Ridge National Lab.

After spending many years in the workforce, David decided to pursue higher education. When it came time to pick a college, he realized he didn’t want to leave Knoxville. With his love for the city and the encouragement of his now wife, he enrolled at Pellissippi State Community College where he earned his associate degree. After finishing his initial studies, David knew that continuing his education at UT was a no brainer.

Madison and David both graduated with degrees in sustainability last May, each having worked jobs that earned them valuable customer service experience.

David’s thirteen-year tenure at Sam’s Club molded the communications skills he uses in his daily work.

Like helping a customer find the item they’re looking for, David has a knack for assisting residents who come to the service desk.

Since he joined the team, he’s grown more interested in the planning process and the work of the commissioners.

Madison’s time at Hard Knox Pizza gave her confidence and taught her to understand the needs of those she serves.

In the office, she has discovered that correcting addressing issues for residents is one of her most rewarding responsibilities.

Madison also enjoys the view from the large window by her desk and her lunchtime walks down by the river.

What are they doing when they’re not sitting across from each other in the office? Madison spends her free time sewing, hiking at Ijams Nature Center, and playing cornhole at Yee-Haw Brewing. David enjoys shopping and going to the park with his family or staying in to work on home improvement projects.

In the last year, Madison and David have established themselves as vital members of our team and we can’t wait to see what else they accomplish with us!