Samiul Haque Brings Unique Perspective to Planning

Samiul Haque joined our Planning Services team last June. With his background in architecture and his work in his home country of Bangladesh, Samiul brings a unique and diverse skill set to the team.

Samiul began his academic journey studying architecture as an undergraduate in Bangladesh. After graduating, he spent a year working with an architectural firm. During this time, he realized that while he enjoyed the fine detail of architecture, he was more interested in city-scale design.

Samiul wanted to consider the design of a structure in relation to its surrounding environment, rather than just focusing on the structure itself.

When Samiul's wife, Maria, was accepted to study computer science at the University of Tennessee, the couple moved to Knoxville. Shortly after arriving in the United States, Samiul began searching for a master’s program that aligned with his interests in design and community development. He was accepted into the urban design program at the University of Oklahoma, where he co-led six community-based urban design projects including streetscape, placemaking, park renovation and pattern book creation.

Following his graduation, Samiul spent two years working for the Tulsa Planning Office, gaining valuable experience in planning and design. Despite the professional growth he experienced in Tulsa, Samiul jumped on the opportunity to move back to Knoxville with his wife and take a planner position with our agency.

He fits in with the team wonderfully and has learned a lot by working with new data and technologies. His architecture background has given him an interest in site plan cases, including the recently adopted Middle Housing standards. 

When he’s in the office, Samiul enjoys having conversations with his coworkers and eating his lunch outside on sunny days. When he is not at work, Samiul is likely to be found playing or watching soccer. He and his wife spend time watching sitcoms, preparing traditional Bangladeshi meals, and hosting board game nights with friends and family. 

Samiul has been a valuable member of our team this past year, and we can’t wait to see what else he accomplishes here!