June 8, 2023
Planning Commission meeting

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John (37849), Submitted during the meeting
5/11/23 PC meeting

This message is for Ms. Karyn Adams concerning Belltown.

Thank you very much for specifically verifying with Josh Sanderson that the mature trees along the western border with Washington Heights will remain. I had submitted a comment with an aerial photograph I made recently while flying over the property that showed the trees and how important they are for maintaining a visual buffer between the two properties. This was the first verification as I did not know that they would not be removing any vegetation to the immediate west of the blue line on their map.

John Lomax

Washington Heights resident
Submitted during the meeting
STACIE (37849), May 21, 2023 at 2:53 PM
My neighbors and I are very concerned about this. We live in that mobile home areaat 7642 Old Clinton Pike. Many of the people there are older and sick. Some have lived there over 30 years. My family has been there for almost 13. There are children there. We still owe on our home and can't afford to move it. These are people's homes!!! I understand building and change but what about us? There is so much already on Old Clinton Pike... apartments, duplexes etc and the traffic is already horrendous off Emory and Old Clinton Pike is already a problem. It would back up to Candle ridge apartments and Broadacres. I know several in those apartments who don't want that in their face. And 47? Right on top of each other??? Powell is already getting to be too busy. Now if you want to pay our home off...go for it. We have nowhere to go. That park is family oriented and we all know and look out for each other. We had no warning about this until recently where we found it BY ACCIDENT! Not to mention all the children and there are a lot who will be affected by situation.
STACIE (37849), May 26, 2023 at 7:15 PM
We live in this area. We have a mobile home on this property. There are 7 other families that this affects also. If this goes through, we and our neighbors have no place to go. We can't afford to move our mobile homes or move anywhere else. We even still OWE on ours. This is not a good move. It will cause more traffic issues, more crowds and not in a good way. Yesterday when looking for the line a pipe burst and we were without water for almost 5 hours...and that's just for the mobile homes. Imagine if you add more residences. I have friends who live in the apartments behind us and she said they have enough problems with runoff as it is. The property is on a slope. Also we have issues with Old Clinton Pike. There are almost wrecks everyday. Everyone around here is firmly opposed. Some have lived here 30 years, some over 20, we have been here almost 13 years. People may think it's "just a little acreage" or "it's going to improve" ask anyone in Powell and they will tell you they are over it.
Linda (37849), May 30, 2023 at 1:52 PM
I feel another subdivision is the last thing we need in this area. With the new subdivision down the street from this site and the ones on Pedigo road , we are overloaded with traffic as it is. Also can our schools handle more children. I hate to see all of our land being turned into subdivision that with 5 to years look like a project area b cause of poor worksmanship that these big companies are building like Smithbilt.