June 8, 2023
Planning Commission meeting

Public Comments

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Nathaniel (37916), May 17, 2023 at 12:05 PM
I believe this development would be a very important step in improving the problems of housing inaccessibility for students, while also getting rid of an eyesore of a parking lot that is quite unproductive otherwise. It would be nice to see how this development could focus on pedestrians and other modes of transit, possibly including bike parking near the alleyway that runs between Highland Ave and Forest Ave, and trying to minimize the amount of parking infrastructure to cut down on traffic and attract other modes of transit for students. There is a huge demand for housing with well planned design and a focus on walkability and people instead of parking. Denser living is better in a time where Knoxville traffic continues to get worse and if we design living spaces close to urban centers with that in mind, I think there is some huge potential in Fort Sanders for the improvement of student life. Needs to be affordable housing though.