August 12, 2021
Planning Commission meeting

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Kaylea (37931), April 8, 2021 at 7:53 PM
I am concerned about the amount of traffic that nickle rd will be expected to see with 18 new houses (let alone the construction process). The road is very narrow with no shoulder to begin with, and part of it close to the proposed subdivision is so narrow that there are no lane markers. I understand the proposed work is too small for a traffic impact report, but I think this is a unique situation which could result in increased safety concerns with adding 200+ estimated daily trips, according to the report. I would like to see any plans related to traffic safety as a result of this activity. Additionally I have concerns about wildlife impact as the property has deer, fox, and other wildlife living in it. If they are displaced from this work, they will end up on the road or in neighboring yards. Therefore a plan for impacted wildlife would also be appropriate. Thank you.