December 14, 2023
Planning Commission meeting

Public Comments

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Danny (37920), September 25, 2023 at 2:23 PM
1. The City needs to update its Comprehensive Plans before making anymore Zoning changes. Continuing to make drastic changes to the Zoning without updating the Comprehensive Plans is a recipe for disaster and sets a terrible precedence for future Zoning changes. Some Sector Plans haven't been updated since 2007 and all still reference the former Zoning classifications. There is no basis for this change, as it is not guided by any Comprehensive Plan, just as Recode was adopted without updated Comprehensive Plans.
2. The images used to show the transition between existing neighborhoods and more intense Mid-Rise or downtown structures is deceiving. It shows the Missing Middle Housing in the transition area between bigger buildings and Single-Family neighborhoods, and most are probably okay with that, but that is not what is being proposed. What the City is proposing is to mix those MMH uses into the Single-Family neighborhoods against the desire of those residents.
3. There's a reason those uses were not included in the zones during Recode...the residents in those neighborhoods were opposed to them.
4. The MMH uses being proposed for all RN-2 should be restricted to RN-2 properties along roads at least classified as a Minor Collector Road. I grew up at 2415 Lawson Avenue and to suggest that someone could buy that house, tear it down and build a 4-plex building and not change the character of the neighborhood is just wrong.
Whitney (37920), September 28, 2023 at 12:50 PM
Unfortunately, the AIA Awards are tonight so I (and many of the architects in town) won't be able to make it to the missing middle workshop so I wanted to go ahead and share some thoughts. Please see attached.

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Applicant Correspondence
November 17, 2023 at 2:29 PM
This property has ample wet lands and tree barrier buffers that would totally restrict any view to the Ramsey House. The A/HZ zoning can remain to the western portion of the parcel. My request to the Planning Commission is to remove the HZ overlay from the front portion along John Sevier HWY and approve the CA zone. Please observe the supporting documents and pictures.
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