Row Closure


Recommended for approval by the Planning Commission

Approve closure of the unimproved portion of Autumn Creek Drive, subject to any required easements, since the right-of-way is unimproved and staff has received no objections to this request.


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What's next?

Applicant Request


Realignment of roads in subdivision

Close Street From
Southeast corner of 5714 Autumn Creek Drive (parcel 060HE045)
Glen Creek Road
Reason for Closure
Realignment of roads in subdivision

Neither KUB nor City Engineering Department had any comments. AT&T had no comments other than their wish to retain any easements that may be present at this time.

Property Information

0 Unimproved section of Autumn Creek Drive

Council District 4

Northeast County

Growth Plan
Urban Growth Area (Inside City Limits)

What's next?

After the Planning Commission
Because of its location in the City, it will be heard by Knoxville City Council.

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