Addressing Department

Assigns all addresses within Knox County, including the City of Knoxville and Town of Farragut.

Why are addresses important?

Addresses identify a specific, one-of-a kind location and tell those who provide important services where to find it. An accurate and visible address is vital for rapidly locating a home or business in an emergency. In addition to mail and package delivery, utilities such as water, electricity, cable and telephone also require a certified address to provide service.

An address can even affect property taxes if incorrect.

Most Requested
How are addresses assigned?

The City of Knoxville and Knox County ordinances regulate the assignment of addresses and street names. Additional information is outlined by Planning's adopted procedures. Our overview of the rules for addresses and street names will answer most questions

Address Errors

Addressing Department staff is required to correct all address discrepancies when they are reported by citizens, staff, the Post Office, E-911 or other agencies. Common problems include address numbers that are out-of-sequence or out-of-block range and the use of an address number with an incorrect street name.