Reserving a Street or Subdivision Name

Developers and property owners can reserve street and subdivision names within their development for their exclusive use.

The Addressing Department is responsible for reviewing proposed subdivision names, street names and street name changes within Knox County. Planning staff works closely with the U.S. Postal Service and the Knox County Emergency Communications District (E-911) to make sure street and subdivision names are clear and concise for postal carriers and emergency personnel.

Reserving a Street Name or Subdivision Name

Review by the Addressing Department takes approximately 3 working days.

  • Approved street names can be reserved by developers for up to two years
  • Approved subdivision names can be reserved for up to five years
Duplicate Street Names
  • Proposed, new street name duplications, including phonetic duplications within Knoxville and Knox County, are prohibited. Before submitting street names, we recommend applicants review the list of active and reserved names to ensure the name is not in use.
    Review Street Names
When Can New Street Names be Submitted?
  • New street names are usually submitted by developers and property owners during the subdivision plat review process. The state highway, county, or city road departments can submit a proposed street name as part of a roadway widening project or when a new road is created.