Request a Name Change

Changes to existing street or subdivision names are permissible with the support from affected owners.

This also requires approval from the Planning Commission and City Council or County Commission. To request a name change within Knox County, follow the steps below and coordinate with Addressing Department staff. 

Application Deadlines and Fees

Submitting Name Change Applications
  1. Contact the Addressing Department and obtain a Name Change Application
    Staff will explain the name change process with you and review your proposed name to confirm it is consistent with naming guidelines. Staff will provide you with a Name Change Application. This application must be used to canvass current property owners, residents and tenants along the street.
  2. Canvas your neighbors by going door-to-door
    Collect the signature of all affected property owners and obtain their opinion on the proposed name change (whether they agree or disagree). If a property owner cannot be reached, a good faith effort to contact them must be documented by the applicant.

    Note: Original signatures are required on the form (no faxes or photocopies).
  3. Return the form and fee to Knoxville-Knox County Planning
    The Name Change Application with original signatures and fee must be submitted to Knoxville-Knox County Planning. The standard application deadline is 32 days before the Planning Commission meeting date (second Thursday of the month). The proposed name change is then placed on the Commission meeting agenda. The standard deadline can be extended for one week for double the processing fee. After that period, the application must be submitted again for the following month's Commission meeting.
  4. Attend the Planning Commission meeting and other legislative meetings as required by the approval process

Planning staff will only accept applications when 75% of the abutting property owners are in favor of the proposed name change.

Approval Process
  • Name changes require approval by the Planning Commission at their monthly meeting. A final vote of approval is required by the appropriate legislative body for street name changes.
  • Objections can be voiced at any time throughout this process. Planning Commission action regarding a name change may be appealed to the appropriate legislative body. Any aggrieved party to a name change in unincorporated Knox County has 30 days to appeal a Planning Commission decision. Within the City of Knoxville, appeals must be made within 15 days of the decision.
Approved Street Name Changes
  • Planning will send a letter to all residents and property owners along the street notifying them of the street name change and any corresponding change in their address. Planning will also notify the E-911 emergency system and the U.S. Postal Service. Residents, tenants, and property owners are responsible for notifying all correspondents about the street name change. This includes utility and phone companies, mortgage and insurance companies, Knox County Property Assessor, Department of Motor Vehicles, etc.
Honorary Street Names
  • Within the City of Knoxville, an honorary street name is an additional name assigned to a street or street segment which supplements but does not replace the official street name.
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