Request for New, Temporary, or Official Address

It is our responsibility to ensure each residence and place of business in Knox County is systematically assigned a valid and unique address and to keep record of its location.

Address Request Form
  • To request a new, temporary, or official address for a property located in Knox County, complete the Address Request Form below and return by email, fax, mail, or in person.
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Who Should Complete this Form?
  • Individuals and contractors requesting building permits in Knoxville and Knox County (Process Overview)
  • Individuals, title companies, lenders and financial institutions seeking verification of a correct address
What Information is Needed?

Before an official address can be assigned you'll need to provide some of the following information:

  • Parcel ID
  • Subdivision name
  • Phase/Unit number
  • Lot number
  • Site plan (required for new addresses assignments)
Much of this information is available on the Owner Card Report which can be obtained by accessing KGIS Maps and using the Online Maps Tool.
Submitting Completed Address Request Forms

Return completed address forms to the Addressing Department by one of the following:

Official Address Assignment Process
  • In most cases, when a single address is requested, the process takes just a few minutes once the form has been submitted and there is no fee. New address assignments require submission of a site plan and can be used immediately. If you have questions regarding your zip code or the location of your mailbox, please contact the U.S. Postal Service. 

More complex projects, including apartments, business complexes and subdivisions may take several days to complete depending upon the number of addresses requested and other factors.

  • There is an addressing fee for 5 or more address assignments. New addresses are assigned after the subdivision plat is recorded.
    Schedule of Fees
  • Building permits issued in the City of Knoxville and Knox County require an official address. For a description of this process, see our overview of the Building Permit/Address Certification Procedure process.
Temporary Addresses
  • A temporary address may be assigned if addressing department staff is unable to provide an official address when a request is made. Some examples of when a temporary address may be assigned include: utility cost estimates, plans review submittals, driveway permits, variance or BZA requests, shell buildings, and job construction trailers.
Address Changes
  • An address change may be required if an existing address does not meet current addressing guidelines. Review the section on Addressing Rules and Ordinances for additional information.