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Oakwood/Lincoln Park Infill Housing Overlay District


Applicant Request

Driveways, parking pads, access point, garages or similar facilities

The previous submission included a parking pad extending off the alley, to the rear of the property. Upon further investigation of the site, the applicant has noted the alley is not fully operable (while paved and accessible from the west side on McMillan Street, the east side accessible from Cornelia Street is closed - blocked by an existing secondary structure). Recently-reviewed new construction at 221 Oglewood Avenue was permitted to use a similar design of front driveway due to the alley's status. The revised proposal meets the Infill Housing design guidelines for parking on streets without alleys, with a one-lane driveway which extends at least 20' behind the front façade of the infill house.

Site Info

Revised site plan with modifications to proposed parking for new house (new house reviewed and approved with conditions by the DRB in October 2021, 19-F-21-IH). Due to existing conditions of the alley, the applicant proposes to create a new curb cut and driveway (10' wide by 60' long, concrete) extending off Oglewood Ave instead of the rear alley.


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