Historic Zoning Commission

Edgewood-Park City H: Level II


Staff Recommendation

Based on the building's non-contributing nature, staff recommends retroactive approval of the demolition as proposed.

Applicant Request

Other: Demolition of non-contributing structure

After-the-fact review of demolition of non-contributing secondary structure. Structure was a one-story building constructed of concrete masonry units with a side-gable roof, located to the rear of the property line, adjacent to the alley.

Site Info

Queen Anne cottage, c.1900

One-and-one-half-story residence with a cross-gable roof, an exterior of wood lap siding, and a continuous brick foundation. Partial-width porch.

1. 1728 Jefferson Avenue is a contributing structure to the Park City National Register Historic District and the Edgewood-Park City local overlay. The secondary structure is not listed as a contributing structure on the National Register nomination. The garage did not demonstrate significant architectural integrity or design elements which corresponded to the primary house.

2. Demolition of non-contributing structures requires review in advance of work by the Historic Zoning Commission. The garage has already been demolished.

3. Limited photos have been provided by the applicant but the application references structural issues with the CMU walls.

4. Additional work was completed on the site (a new concrete pad, framing for a new outbuilding) but has been removed. The application initially included plans for a new secondary structure which have been withdrawn by the applicant.


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