Design Review Board

Edgewood Park Infill Housing Overlay District


Applicant Request

Additions visible from the primary street

1. The house to receive an addition is a 1.5-story Craftsman bungalow with paired second-story windows in the side gable fields.

2. Guidelines recommend that additions be made to the rear or side of the house, with taller additions especially towards the rear of the house to maintain the original scale of the façade and consistency with other houses on the block. This block of Edgewood Avenue features a consistent streetscape pattern of historic one/1.5 story Craftsman bungalows, Queen Anne cottages, and Minimal Traditionals. This addition is proposed for the front/roofline of the house.

3. Guidelines also encourage using a roofline which complements the original house. The proposed addition would significantly alter the original house's roofline, which is a simple side-gable roof characteristic of Craftsman designs.

4. Additional interior space is typically added to 1/1.5-story houses via the addition of a dormer on the existing roof slope. Alternately, the applicant could increase interior space by adding a rear addition.

Site Info

Second-story addition to a one/1.5-story Craftsman bungalow. Applicant proposes to remove the upper portion of the main roof, and install a side-gable second-story addition with a 4' stem wall visible from the exterior, including three new rectangular windows on the façade. The addition will be clad in fiber cement shake siding with a dimensional shingle roof.


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