Historic Zoning Commission

Ft. Sanders NC: Level II


Staff Recommendation for Addition

The Commission should determine the appropriateness of the upper-level roofline alterations/third-story addition. Pending HZC approval of the addition, additional conditions of approval should include: 1) windows on west elevation dormer to match east elevation dormer; 2) masonry repointing and brick repair to meet specifications of NPS Preservation Brief 2.

Applicant Request

Additions; Doors; Roofing; Windows

Proposed addition to third-story and exterior rehabilitation.

Third-story addition: existing hipped roof structure to be removed, elevated three feet in height (featuring a 3' tall section of shingle-style siding), and reconstructed as an 8/12 pitch, hipped roof. Existing dormers to be removed and reconstructed on all elevations. The façade will feature a hipped roof dormer, centered over the primary entry, with an 8/12 pitch roof and two double-hung windows. Both side elevations will feature 3/12 pitch, shed-roof dormers with four adjoining windows. A shed-roof dormer is centered over the rear elevation.

Exterior rehabilitation includes the installation of new windows (creating new fenestrations on some elevations) and the enclosure of some others. On the façade, the center second-story windows will be enlarged. On the east elevation, two bays of main-level existing windows will be replaced with shorter windows; with three stories of paired double-hung windows to be installed on leftmost bay. On the west elevation, several windows will be partially enclosed or shifted in header height, along with addition of a secondary access door on the main level. Several windows will be enclosed on the south elevation.

Work also includes repair to existing porch roof, replacement of front door if needed, and repair/repointing to exterior brick masonry siding.

Site Info

American Four Square, c.1915

Two-and-one-half-story residence with a hipped roof clad in asphalt shingles, a brick exterior, and a continuous brick foundation. Hipped roof centered on façade.

1. 1800 Clinch Avenue is a contributing structure to the Fort Sanders National Register Historic District and Neighborhood Conservation overlay.

2. The primary scope of work focuses on increasing the height and interior capacity of the house's upper level (typically described as a half story when just dormers exist in the roofline). The addition of three feet in height, along with four dormers, will increase the house to a full three stories.

3. The primary relevant guideline in the Fort Sanders NC Design Guidelines states "additions should be made to the side or rear of the building." The addition is proposed for the roofline, which is currently lower in pitch than the proposed 8/12. Guidelines recommend that houses remain proportional to compatible houses in height and width. The Commission should determine if the addition of space to the third-story is appropriate within the guidelines.

4. The proposed roofline alteration meets the relevant guidelines for roof pitch (maintaining an 8/12 pitch), materials (introducing shingle cladding that is compatible with the brick siding), and windows (using proportions compatible with the historic style).

5. Guidelines recommend that second- and third-story construction use double-hung windows; the casement windows on the west elevation dormer should match the east elevation dormer's window size and design.

6. In general, the revision to side and rear elevation window placement maintains the recommended "proportions and symmetry," including adding additional transparency on the east elevation.

7. The remaining exterior rehabilitation scopes meet the design guidelines. All repointing and masonry repair should meet the specifications of NPS Brief 2, "Repointing Mortar Joints on Historic Masonry Buildings."


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