Historic Zoning Commission

Old North Knoxville H: Level II


Staff Recommendation for Exterior rehabilitation

Staff recommends approval of Certificate 1-E-22-HZ, subject to the following conditions: 1) final specifications for upper porch composite flooring to be submitted to staff for approval; 2) porch column composite bases to match wood bases in dimensions and design.

Applicant Request

Architectural feature; Deck; Siding; Windows

Reconstruction of front dormer: existing front dormer was approved as an addition to the house when the house moved locations in 2006, but constructed in an incorrect location. Existing dormer will be removed and reconfigured into two dormers to address code issues. New dormers will feature a larger gable-roof dormer extending from the left side of the primary roof hip, and a smaller front-gable roof dormer projecting out from its left side. The rightmost dormer measures approximately 4'-8.5" in height total, and the left dormer is 4'-11" tall by 5'-11 5/8" wide overall. Detailing draws from George F. Barber designs, with a multi-light window on the left dormer.

New rear deck: new pressure-treated wood deck to extend from rear elevation, measuring 23' wide by 12' deep, with steps extending from the rear and left side of the deck. Deck will feature a horizontal metal cable railing.

Window replacement: removal of one-over-one, non-historic vinyl window on the west elevation and installation of a one-over-one, double-hung wood sash window with dimensions to match the original opening.

Upper porch work: removal and replacement in-kind of upper porch elements. All wood elements to be reconstructed and replaced in-kind, with materials and dimensions to match the existing. Porch flooring will be replaced with a composite tongue-and-groove flooring.

Lower porch work: removal and replacement in-kind to wood tongue-and-groove porch flooring. Bases to porch columns will be replaced by composite bases.

Repair and replacement in-kind to damaged trim and wood siding.

Site Info

Queen Anne, c.1890, 2006

Two-and-one-half-story frame residence with a hipped roof with lower cross gables, clad in asphalt shingles. Exterior is clad in wood lap siding with patterned, raised, and bracketed details on gable tops; diamond-shaped shingles in gables; and rectangular sunburst wood details above second-story windows. One-story wrap-around porch with turned wood columns, decorative brackets, and decorative wood railing. Windows are one-over-one, double-hung wood. House is considered a George F. Barber design and moved to its present location in 2006.

1. 115 E. Scott Avenue was moved to its current location in 2006. Drawing on National Register standards for moved houses, previous reviews have considered 2006 to now be the relevant age for historic date purposes. The house would be considered non-contributing due to its moved status.

2. The previous review to add a dormer on the front roof slope (9-Q-06-HZ) noted that "the roof was not originally designed with a dormer, but dormers were often present on Barber-designed houses. Locating a front dormer on the front elevation of this house will provide adequate access to the living space being constructed in the attic. It is also appropriate for the neighborhood and for the block where it is situated, where dormers are found on neighboring houses."

3. The revised dormers are an improvement in design over the existing front-gable roof dormer, and will draw detailing from the existing house's details. While constructing a new but historically-detailed front dormer would not necessarily be considered an appropriate modification for an original house, the house has already been divorced from its context and assessed as new construction/non-contributing. The revised dormers will be proportionate to the house and contribute to the overall design.

4. The proposed rear deck is appropriately placed, minimal in size, and will be minimally visible from the street, if visible at all.

5. Removal and replacement in-kind of the upper porch elements meets the design guidelines. The replacement of wood tongue-and-groove flooring with some brands of composite tongue-and-groove flooring material has been previously approved in Old North Knoxville, especially on second-story porches which are exposed to the elements. The applicant should provide the final specifications for the composite flooring material to staff for approval.

6. All other scopes of work clearly meet the design guidelines, including replacement in-kind of lower porch flooring and removal of a non-historic vinyl window and installation of a one-over-one, double-hung wood window to match the size of existing wood windows. Composite column bases should match wood bases in dimensions and design.


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