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Variances Requiring Planning Commission Approval:
1) Reduce the minimum lot depth for lot no. 1 from 150 ft to 145. 04 ft
2) Reduce the right-of-way cul-de-sac transition radius on the west side of road 'A' from 75-ft to 0-ft
3) reduce the minimum intersection spacing between road 'A' and dowry lane from 300-ft to 40-ft

Alternative Design Standards Requiring Knox County Engineering and Public Works Approval:
1) Increasing the maximum road grade at intersections from 1% to 3%

Property Information

8116 8104, 8106, & 8108 Nubbin Ridge Dr.

South side of Nubbin Ridge Dr, west of Wallace Rd

Commission District 4

Southwest County

Land Use Designation? LDR (Low Density Residential)

Currently on the Property
Single family residence and vacant land

Growth Plan
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The Reserve at Penrose Farm

Rick Wilkinson