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Applicant seeks a Certificate of Appropriateness for a new 150-foot, Type 2 Monopole WCF in the CA zone, north of W. Hendron Chapel Road and immediately south of Chapman Highway (west of the intersection of the two streets). The proposed lease area is 80' by 80' overall, accessible by a 12' wide access drive (within a 30' wide access and utility easement) extending north/northwest off W. Hendron Chapel Road. The proposed tower will be located in a 56' by 56' fenced area, with additional space for three additional carriers. The proposed lease area will include a 10' by 30' equipment cabinet and a multi-tenant utility H-Frame. The proposed tower will accommodate antennas at 145' AGL, with space for additional antennas at 135' AGL, 125' AGL, and 115' AGL. Proposed lease area will be screened with a 12' wide landscape buffer of Leland cyprus, to be minimum 6' tall at the time of planting.

Property Information

115 W. Hendron Chapel Rd.

North of W. Hendron Chapel Road; immediately south of Chapman Highway; west of intersection of the two streets

Commission District 9

4 acres

South County

Currently on the Property
Rural residential

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John Behnke/TowerCom