Plan Amendment

Southwest County Sector Plan Amendment


Recommended for denial
by the Planning Commission

DENY (Low Density Residential)

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Case Notes

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Property Information

12711 Early Rd.

North side Early Rd., northwest of Signal Point Rd.

Commission District 5

16 acres

Southwest County

Currently on the Property
Vacant land

Growth Plan
Rural Area

Case Notes

Staff Recommendation
DENY (Low Density Residential) sector plan designation
The surrounding property to the east, west and south is rural residential and zoned A Agricultural. The proposal does not comply with the Growth Policy Plan policies for low density residential use since access is by a substandard local street with 16' to 18' of pavement. The sector plan proposes rural residential use and slope protection for this site.
Disposition Summary
DENY (Low Density Residential)

What's next?

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