Design Review Board

Level 1: Sign


Staff Recommendation for Level 1: Sign

Staff recommends approval of Certificate 10-B-21-DT, subject to meeting all relevant provisions of the City Sign Code.

Applicant Request

Proposed new illuminated wall sign. Sign will be located on the left side, uppermost level of the W. Summit Hill Drive elevation of the Langley Building. Sign measures 24' - 2-3/8" wide by 5'-2" tall (102 sq. ft.) and features illuminated, face lit, aluminum channel letters. Individual letters of the sign will be mounted to the building.

Site Info

The proposed sign meets the signage guidelines for the DK-B (Boulevard District) as a wall sign mounted flush to the building façade. While the sign is large in size, it is proportionate to the multi-story building and the wall section on which it will be placed. It will contribute visual interest to the W. Summit Hill elevation. The proposed signage will be required to meet the provisions of the City Sign Code, with a total area (including additional signage, such as the FirstBank sign on the Locust Street elevation) equal to 10% or less of the wall area of the primary building elevation.


Amy Shelby/Sycamore Sign Service

Planning Staff
Lindsay Crockett
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