Historic Zoning Commission

Old North Knoxville H: Level II


Staff Recommendation for New deck; exterior rehabilitation elements

Staff recommends approval of Certificate 10-E-21-HZ, subject to the following conditions:

1) dimensions and design of deck balustrade to be submitted to staff for review, with balusters set into the top and bottom rails;
2) final specifications of replacement columns to be provided to staff, with columns to match existing in diameter, height, and design.

Applicant Request

Deck; Masonry repair/painting; Material changes

New rear deck: deck will measure 20' wide by 12' deep and be constructed of pressure-treated wood, with a square picket railing.

Masonry elements: the side and rear elevations of the foundation were initially proposed for repointing and repair. The applicant is requesting to clad the side and rear brick foundation in stucco.

Columns: the four round wood columns on the façade were initially proposed for repair or replacement in-kind with solid round wood columns. The wood columns were determined to be rotted and incapable of supporting the porch roof; the applicant is requesting replacement with "Endura-stone" round fiberglass columns.

Site Info

Queen Anne Cottage

One-and-one-half-story residence with a hipped roof clad in asphalt shingles, an exterior clad in non-historic stucco, and a brick masonry foundation. A hipped dormer with paired one-over-one, double-hung wood windows is centered on the façade. A hipped-roof porch supported by four round wood columns on brick piers extends the length of the façade. Brick masonry elements are a yellow brick. Half-light wood door flanked by half-light wood sidelights. Three yellow brick chimneys.

1. The rear deck is minor in size, replacing a non-historic wood access ramp, and will not be visible from the street. The deck meets the setback requirements of the base zoning code. Placement of the deck is appropriate.

2. A pressure-treated wood rear deck is supported by the design guidelines. The applicant should submit a drawing showing the balustrade and rail's size and design; balusters should be set into the top and bottom rail.

3. Guidelines discourage cladding historic masonry elements in stucco or other new finishes. However, the side and rear elevations lack the unique yellow brick visible on the façade and porch columns. The applicant is currently attempting to repoint and repair the existing masonry foundation. Pending this attempt at repair, the request to clad the sides and rear foundation in stucco may be removed.

4. The applicant has provided documentation of the wood columns being hollow, leaning, and no longer sufficiently supporting the porch roof.

5. Similar fiberglass column replacements have been approved in ONK at 317 E. Oklahoma (9-B-21-HZ), 1319 Grainger Avenue (3-K-21-HZ, were installed and can be observed in the field), and in 2012 and 2013. Approvals have noted the subpar quality of new wood elements, and that "painted surface of a composite column is more difficult to discern from the painted surface of a new wood column," and that "new wood or new composite columns would be equally devoid of texture and 'new' in appearance."

6. The applicant has stated that the proposed fiberglass column replacements can be cut to match the height of the existing columns. The character-defining brick piers will not be modified or removed. The applicant should submit final specifications of the replacement columns to confirm they match the existing in diameter, height, and design.


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