Design Review Board

Lonsdale Infill Housing Overlay District


Applicant Request

New Primary Structure

1. The house is proposed to be set 26.7' from the front property line, with a 6' deep front porch located 20.7' from the front property line. The block lacks context to derive an average front setback, as there is only one other house on the block fronting Savoy Street. The proposed front setback will establish a pattern for the block. Instead of a walkway extending to the street, the applicant has connected the walkway to the concrete driveway.

2. There is not much context on the block for comparable historic houses. On the other side of the street, the houses front Divide Street. The proposed house is proportionate to the dimensions of the lot.

3. The proposed parking meets Infill Housing design guidelines for a street without an operable alley (limited to one lane and extending at least 20' behind the house's front façade) and City Engineering standards. The applicant has incorporated landscaping to surround the parking pad. The application is right at the impervious surface limit for the base zoning. Any modifications to the site plan during permitting should meet City Engineering standards and remain within impervious surface limits.

4. Overall, the one-story, three-bay façade is compatible with the broader neighborhood context. The application includes a concrete slab foundation, which is not appropriate for the broader context; the applicant should incorporate a raised foundation at approximately 1' tall or taller.

5. The proposed front-gable roof porch is proportionate to the façade. A revised porch design should incorporate 6 by 6 or 8 by 8 square supports. A covered rear elevation porch is shown on the site plan but not the elevation drawings; drawings should be updated accordingly.

6. Guidelines recommend that window and door placement and design be compatible with the historic context and achieve a balance of solids to voids. The Prairie-style muntins as shown in the drawings are not appropriate for the guidelines; simple one-over-one, double-hung windows with appropriately-sized window trim should be used. Windows should be added to the left elevation. The Board may also choose to discuss the somewhat off-center layout of the façade.

7. The proposed 8/12 pitch roof meets the design guidelines. A front-gable roof porch contributes additional complexity.

8. Overall materials are appropriate within the design guidelines. The vinyl siding should be lap siding with an overlap instead of Dutch lap or flush panel siding.

9. The site plan includes new front and rear yard trees.

Site Info

New primary residence fronting Savoy Street. One-story, hipped-roof residence measuring 24' wide by 33' long, with a 6' deep, 17' long front-gable roof porch centered on the façade. The house is proposed to be set 26.7' from the front property line. The proposed parking is a concrete pad accessible by a 10' wide concrete drive extending off Savoy Street. There is no operable alley.

The 8/12 pitch, hipped roof is clad in asphalt shingles, the house is clad in horizontal lap siding, and the house rests on a concrete slab foundation. The porch is centered on the façade, featuring an 8/12 roof and a gable clad in lap siding, supported by square wood posts. The three-bay façade features two windows flanking an off-center door. There are no windows on the left elevation and a secondary entry on the rear elevation.


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