Street Name Change


Recommended for approval
by the Planning Commission

APPROVE 'Eagle Ridge Way'

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Property Info

Case Notes

What's next?

Applicant Request

Shoffner Lane
Proposed Street Name
Eagle Ridge Way
Reason for Change
To ensure proper E-911 response time, enhance mail delivery and meet the Knox County Guidelines for addressing.

Property Information

0 Unnamed easement

Commission District 7

North County

Growth Plan
Planned Growth Area

Case Notes

Staff Recommendation
APPROVE the name Eagle Ridge Way
This easement needs to be named to provide additional addresses for abutting properties, and to eliminate two duplicate addresses that exist. Of four names proposed, "Story Way" and "Eagle Ridge Way" were supported by adjoining property owners, with the majority voting for "Eagle Ridge Way".
Disposition Summary
APPROVE 'Eagle Ridge Way'

What's next?

After the Planning Commission
This Street Name Change case in the County was recommended for approval. The appeal deadline - December 8, 2001 has passed.

Knox County Emergency Communications E-911

Case History