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Applicant seeks a Certificate of Appropriateness for a new 125' Type 1 monopole wireless communications facility in the A zone, immediately southeast of the intersection of Daffodil Lane and Shipetown Road. Proposed lease area is 60' by 60', accessible by a 40' wide access and utility easment extending southeast off Daffodil Lane. Proposed tower will be located in a 60' by 60' vinyl-fenced-compound, with additional space for at least two additional lease areas. Proposed 19' by 25' lease area will include an equipment cabinet on a 4' by 10' pad, and a generator on a 3' by 7' concrete pad. The proposed tower will accommodate antennas at 116' and 105', with space for future lessee antennas below. Applicant will retain as much existing vegetation and mature trees as possible, which will serve as screening.

Property Information

0 Daffodil Ln.

Parcel immediately SE of intersection of Daffodil Lane and Shipetown Road

Commission District 8

219.61 acres

Northeast County

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