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Collocation of antennas and required supporting structures on the parapet of an existing building. Antennas (three sets, referenced as Sector A, B, and C) will be mounted on three elevations of existing parapet (north, east, and south). Installation includes new building lights on south elevation and associated mounting equipment for each sector of antennas. New WCFs meet the zoning code requirements (9.3.FF) by not extending higher than 30 feet above the highest point of the existing building, and are camouflaged/concealed as much as possible to make them compatible and blend into the setting and host building. Antennas will be color-clad to match existing brick and minimally visible from the public right-of-way.

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507 S. Gay St.

Embassy Suites Rooftop, west side of Gay Street; south of intersection with Union Avenue

Council District 6

15,991 square feet

Central City

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Commercial (hotel)

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Michael Doran/Maguire Development Corp