Plan Amendment

South County Sector Plan Amendment


Recommended for approval by the Planning Commission

Approve the South County Sector Plan amendment to LDR (Low Density Residential) & HP (Hillside Protection) for approximately 64 acres of parcel 138 270 and a portion of parcel 138 274 on the east side of Sevierville Pike because of the access and safety


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Property Information

8802 Sevierville Pike and 0 Dry Hollow Rd.

East of Chapman Highway, north of the Sevier County line, south of Bays Mountain Road

Commission District 9

158.64 acres

South County

Land Use Designation? AG (Agriculture) & HP (Hillside Protection)

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Growth Plan
Rural Area

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After the Planning Commission
This Plan Amendment case in the County was recommended for approval. The appeal deadline - January 8, 2022 has passed.

Thunder Mountain Properties, LLC

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