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by the Planning Commission

Approve the variance requests to reduce the minimum driving surface width to 16 ft at most locations with pinch points at a narrower width to be determined by the Knox County Department of Codes Administration and Enforcement, and to increase the maximu


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Final Plat of the Resubdivision of the Brannin & Susan Tanaka Property
2 (Split)
Yes - SF


1) Reduce the required pavement width to 16 ft overall with the Knox County Codes Administration and Enforcement Department approving narrower pavement widths at two creek crossings, the width of which is to be finalized during the permitting process.
2) Increase the maximum slope requirement for the private right-of-way from 12% to 15%.

Property Information

1462 Tarklin Valley Rd.

South side of Tarklin Valley Rd, just north of the Knox County-Blount County line

Commission District 9

1.81 acres

South County

Growth Plan
Rural Area

What's next?

After the Planning Commission
Because of its location in the County, appeals will be heard by Knox County Chancery Court.
Final Plat appeals will be heard by the Planning Commission.
Appeals of Concept Plans and Final Plats are filed with Chancery CourtThe Process

Final Plat of the Resubdivision of the Brannin & Susan Tanaka Property

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