Street Name Change


Recommended for approval
by the Planning Commission

APPROVE 'Grand Avenue'

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Property Info

Case Notes

What's next?

Applicant Request

Grand Avenue
World's Fair Park Drive
Proposed Street Name
Grand Avenue
Reason for Change
To provide a continuous name for Grand Ave. to its termination at World's Fair Park Dr.

Property Information

0 World's Fair Park Drive

Council District 6

Central City

Growth Plan
Urban Growth Area (Inside City Limits)

Case Notes

Staff Recommendation
APPROVE the name change to Grand Avenue
This will eliminate a street name duplication for this short section and does not impact any adjoining private property since no addresses have been assigned along this section to date.
Disposition Summary
APPROVE 'Grand Avenue'

What's next?

After the Planning Commission
This Street Name Change case in the City was recommended for approval. The appeal deadline - December 28, 2001 has passed.

City of Knoxville Department of Development

Case History