Design Review Board

Level 1: Minor alteration of an existing building/structure


Staff Recommendation for Level 1: Minor alteration of an existing building/structure

Staff recommends approval of Certificate 12-C-22-DT, subject to the following conditions; 1) if necessary, the securing of any patio easements or agreements with the City of Knoxville; 2) final selection of wood siding to meet Fire District requirements.

Applicant Request

Exterior rehabilitation of existing residential building, to create restaurant space on the southwest corner (south and west elevations). South elevation (fronting Willow Avenue) features the installation of operable multi-light garage-style doors topped by multi-light transom windows and a primary entry of a full-light double door topped by multi-light transom, with new wood-look siding panels surrounding the primary entry. The west elevation (fronting the alley) features multiple full-light entries topped by transoms, additional partial-height operable doors, and another panel of wood-look siding. Proposal also includes new exterior lighting. The project will use the existing flat-roof metal canopy. The depicted signage is not included in the current proposal, and will be submitted at a later date.

Site Info

The proposal meets the design guidelines as it establishes ground-level space accessible to the public on a building that was initially residential only. Guidelines recommend differentiating architectural features of the ground floors from upper floors using show windows, transoms, and signage, all of which will be installed with the storefront proposal. The installation of additional materials will add complexity to the building's exterior, covering concrete block elements with a decorative tile. The materials are compatible with the existing design of the building and the broader context of Central and Jackson Avenues. The wood-look exterior siding details will need to comply with the Fire District requirements, being non-combustible or fire-retardant-treated instead of just wood. While the patios are typically not in the DRB's purview, the proposed patios will create further pedestrian engagement along Willow Ave.


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