Historic Zoning Commission

Old North Knoxville H: Level I


Applicant Request

Deck; Doors; Porch; Roofing; Siding; Windows

Removal of existing asphalt shingles and replacement with new asphalt shingle roofing. Repair to rotten roof framing on rear relevation of house. Repair, including replacement in-kind in patches, to wood lap siding, with new siding features to match existing in materials and overlap. Removal of plywood covering rear door and installation of new secondary door on rear elevation. Demolition of existing rear deck. New rear deck, measuring 16' by 16'with square wood balusters to be set into top and bottom rails. Repair to existing windows and front door. Repair to existing front porch (rotted wood steps to be replaced in-kind, patching to wood tongue-and-groove porch flooring); porch repair to retain existing balustrade and columns.


Tyson Hamilton

Planning Staff
Lindsay Crockett
Phone: (865) 215-3795
Email: lindsay.crockett@knoxplanning.org
Location Knoxville
205 Leonard Place 37917

Michael Norris