Design Review Board

Lonsdale Infill Housing Overlay District


Staff Recommendation

Staff recommends approval of Certificate 2-A-24-IH, subject to the following conditions: 1) final site plan to meet City Engineering standards; 2) driveway to extend at least 20' behind the façade of the house; 3) final site plan to include trees to meet guidelines.

Applicant Request
New Primary Structure
1. The house is proposed to be set 23'-4" from the front property line. The block to receive new construction does not contain other houses; the proposed front setback is appropriate for the block and seven new houses will create a consistent streetscape.

2. There are no houses on the block to serve as design context. The one-story, three-bay houses are proportional to the dimensions of the lot and the context of the broader neighborhood.

3. There is no constructed alley on the property. The proposed driveway should be confirmed to meet the design guidelines for properties without alleys (placing parking at least 20' behind the front façade of the house with access limited to one lane between the street and the front façade). Modifications may be necessary to meet City Engineering standards. Modifications may also be necessary to Divide Street, as the street is very narrow and unfinished.

4. The house's façade is similar in scale and width to existing houses in the neighborhood. The revised proposal includes a foundation which is 12" tall at the façade and slopes toward the rear with the property's topography.

5. The house features a projecting front porch which meets the design guidelines.

6. Guidelines recommend window and door styles be similar, with similar proportions and ratio of solid to void, to historic houses in the context. The revised elevation drawings incorporate two windows on the left side elevation, and three on the right.

7. The proposed roof pitch, 6/12, is the minimum typically approved in the Infill Housing overlay.

8. Final horizontal siding materials should incorporate an overlap instead of Dutch lap or flush panel sidings.

9. The final site plans should incorporate one native or naturalized shade tree in the front and rear yards. The lots currently feature a substantial amount of trees and other vegetation; existing trees should be retained if at all possible.

10. The applicant has submitted revisions to differentiate the design from the six other new construction houses proposed on Divide Street at the same time.

Staff Comments
New primary structure facing Divide Street. One-story residence features a front-gable roof (6/12 pitch), an exterior of horizontal lap siding and brick veneer, and a parge-coated foundation. The house features a partial-width, front-gable roof porch which projects from the right half of the façade, supported by square posts. Parking is accessed from the street and located to the left side of the house via a 12' wide driveway.

The façade (southwest) is three bays wide, featuring paired double-hung windows, a full-light door flanked by a sidelight, and one double-hung window on the rightmost bay. There are three windows on the right side elevation and two on the left.

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