Design Review Board

Level 1: Minor alteration of an existing building/structure


Staff Recommendation

Staff recommends approval of Certificate 2-B-24-DT, subject to the following conditions: 1) applicant to submit a profile of the proposed applied muntins, showing the muntin profiles to replicate the existing in thickness and depth; 2) framing width should be comparable to the existing window framing; 3) exterior trim and sills to be repaired and retained, or replaced in-kind; 4) all masonry repair to meet National Park Service specifications.

Applicant Request

Proposed replacement of windows on floors 2, 4, and 5 of the Southeastern Glass Building. The existing windows are the original multilight steel windows with operable 4 or 6-light awning windows. All exterior trim and sills will be retained. The proposed replacement windows are single-light aluminum storefront windows with surface-applied muntins and rails, to be applied on the interior and exterior. 28 windows will feature fixed windows with 22" tall operable transoms below. 6 windows will be 42" wide by 22" tall operable transoms.

Project includes the installation of new metal lintels above the windows, along with repointing of exterior brick.

Site Info

The Southeastern Glass Building is a contributing resource to the Southern Terminal and Warehouse Historic District, so the historic resources section of the design guidelines applies.

The applicant has noted the intent is to replace all the windows at the same time; however, the windows belong to each unit owner within the HOA and individual owners may not replace all of the windows simultaneously. The application requests approval for the windows to be replaced on an as-needed basis.

The building was constructed in the 1920s; the steel windows are original to the structure. The application notes the existing windows' deterioration and the concern that the installation of new metal lintels will cause the window frames and panes to break. Guidelines recommend that if repairs are not possible, replace with matching windows, including duplicating design, operation, material, glass size, muntin arrangements, profiles, and trim. The proposed replacement windows will vary in design; material (using a surface-applied grid, of a material not specified); and profiles (surface-applied exterior muntins are typically more thin than steel muntins).

The application includes the replacement windows on the Hull-Dobbs Building (Axle Logistics) as an example, where surface-applied muntins were applied to three adjoining fixed-light windows.

To align the proposed new windows with the original windows as much as possible, the applicant or contractor should submit a profile drawing of the proposed applied muntins; muntin profiles should replicate the existing in thickness and projection from the window. The framing should reflect the existing in width if at all possible. All exterior trim and sills should be repaired and retained, or replaced in-kind.


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