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Property Information

5138 Lyons View Pk.

Southeast side of Lyons View Pike across the street from Cherokee Country Club golf course

Council District 2

West City

Currently on the Property
Golf Course Country Club Building

Case Notes


The applicant is requesting to make some site modifications within the HP (Hillside Protection) Overlay zone district on a lot that has an previously disturbed area of 4.1 acres. a. A Level I HP Overlay COA has been issued on 2/9/2021 by Knox Planning. The newly disturbed area consists of 0.12 acres, but it sits within the previously disturbed area. Though the amount of disturbed area exceeds the allotted 3.11 acres, since it is within a previously disturbed area, it is exempt from the HP Overlay requirements.

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Megan Chafin / Barber McMurry Architects