Hillside Protection

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Property Information

5516 Green Valley Dr.

South side of Green Valley Dr west of its intersection with Crestwood Dr

Council District 4

East City

Currently on the Property
Single family dwelling

Case Notes


The applicant is requesting to construct one single family dwelling on a lot that is partially inside of the HP (Hillside Protection) Overlay District. The lot comprises 2.46 acres, though only 0.60 acres are inside the HP Overlay Area. The maximum disturbance area allowed within the HP Overlay area is 0.33 acres, none of which is proposed to be disturbed. They are proposing to 300 square feet in addition to the previously disturbed area, for a total of approximately 0.50 acres of land disturbed on the portion of the property not inside the HP Overlay Area. The slope analysis recommended a total maximum of 2.184 acres to be disturbed, and the proposal is well short of that.

A Level I HP Overlay COA was issued on 2/18/2021 by Knox Planning.

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Tyler Williamson