Design Review Board

Level 1: Sign


Staff Recommendation

Staff recommends approval of Certificate 3-B-24-DT, subject to one condition: 1) illumination to be limited to push-through letters or graphics (illuminating the individual letters instead of the white scroll backer panels).

Applicant Request

The application was postponed at the March DRB meeting to allow the applicant to submit additional information on the sign's installation and lighting.

New illuminated wall sign. Sign measures 32' wide by 2' tall (64 sq ft total). The sign will feature white vinyl "scroll-shape backer panels," with white skeleton neon projecting out from blue vinyl letters. The sign will be fixed to the perforated aluminum cladding with metal behind. The sign will be mounted at least 9.5' above the ground (exact measurement not provided). The sign will be located in the new signboard area, centered over the storefront entries

Site Info

300 W. Magnolia Avenue is located in the Warehouse subdistrict, but is not a historic property, so the Historic Resources section of the guidelines does not apply. The wall sign is proportionate to the storefront on which it is located.

Typically, internal illumination with a full white backlight is discouraged in downtown design review, with internal illumination limited to push-through letters and logos instead of the full sign. The Board may choose to discuss the internal illumination on this block. At 210 W. Magnolia Ave (7-B-23-DT), the Board required the use of external illumination or push-through letters only.


Lori Colborn T and T Signs, Inc

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Lindsay Crockett
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300 W. Magnolia Ave.