Recommended for approval
by the Planning Commission

APPROVE O-1 (Office, Medical & Related Services)

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Property Information

4800 Millertown Pike

Southeast side Millertown Pk., northeast side Amelia Rd.

Council District 4

0.59 acres

East City

Land Use Designation? Office

Currently on the Property
Single-family dwelling

Growth Plan
Urban Growth Area (inside City limits)

Case Notes

Staff Recommendation
APPROVE O-1 (Office, Medical & Related Services) zoning.
The requested zoning is consistent with the One Year Plan designation for the property, and the location along an arterial street is suitable for office development. The East City Sector Plan proposes office use for this property.
Disposition Summary
APPROVE O-1 (Office, Medical & Related Services)

What's next?

After the Planning Commission
This Rezoning case in the City was recommended for approval. The appeal deadline - July 26, 2002 has passed.