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Property Information

1735 McCarty Rd.

West side of McCarty Rd, east side of Stony Point Rd

Commission District 8

9.18 acres

East County

Land Use Designation? AG

Currently on the Property
Rural Residential

Growth Plan
Rural Area


Final plat of the Meyer Property

Ward Land Surveying, LLC

This program aims to increase transit in disadvantaged communities and reduce the impact of climate change. Knoxville-Knox County Planning, in partnership with KAT and the city, will develop a Transit-based Opportunities Map to identify locations for development along key transit corridors that target attainable housing and employment opportunities. Transit-oriented development (TOD) prioritizes efficient, equitable, sustainable development. It also helps reduce poverty and further benefit communities by:

  • Encouraging greater transit use,
  • Reducing automobile use,
  • Maximizing existing infrastructure
  • Reducing emissions, and
  • Providing mixed and low-income housing options.