Concept Plan


by the Planning Commission

APPROVE variance 1-6 and the Concept Plan subject to 9 conditions

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Turnberry Subdivision
21 (Split)


1. Intersection grade variance from 1% to 2% at the intersection of Alvaros Ln. and Road B.
2. Right-of-way width variance from 50 to 40' for all streets.
3. Variance of pavement width from 26' to 22' for all streets.
4. Variance of tangent length between curves 1 and 2 from 50' to 16.25'.
5. Vertical curve variance from 182.75' to 150' at sta. 22+50 of Alvaros Ln
6. Substitution of AASHTO "hammerhead" in lieu of standard cul-de-sac bulb.

Property Information

Southwest side of Olive Rd., south of Loop Rd.

Commission District 5

6.50 acres

Southwest County

Currently on the Property
1 single family dwelling and vacant

Growth Plan
Urban Growth Area - Farragut

Case Notes

Staff Recommendation
APPROVE variance 1-6 because the proposed variances will not create a traffic hazard.

APPROVE the Concept Plan subject to 9 conditions.

1. Connection to sanitary sewer and meeting any other relevant requirement of the Knox County Health Dept.
2. Place note #2 from the concept plan on the final plat regarding access to the internal street system for lots 1-20.
3. Provision of a street name which is consistent with the Street Naming and Addressing System within Knox County (ORD. 91-1-102).
4. Prior to commencing grading on the site, which will implement this concept plan, obtain any off site drainage easements as required by the Knox County Dept. of Engineering and Public Works. Grading for the previously approved final plat (2-SG-01-F) may be started if it is conformance with the approved drainage and design plans.
5. Place a note on the final plat that all lots will contain a minimum of 10, 000 sq. ft.

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6. Constructing the Road B stub to the adjoining property to the south at the time Alvaros Ln. is constructed.
7. Meeting all applicable requirements of the Knox County Dept. of Engineering and Public Works.
8. Meeting all required building setbacks and meeting all other applicable requirements of the Knox County Zoning Ordinance.
9. A final plat application based on this concept plan will not be accepted for review by MPC until certification of design plan approval has been submitted to MPC staff.
Disposition Summary
APPROVE variance 1-6 and the Concept Plan subject to 9 conditions

What's next?

After the Planning CommissionAppeals of Concept Plans and Final Plats are filed with Chancery CourtThe Process

Turnberry Subdivision

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