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Approve PR (Planned Residential) zoning up to 4.85 du/ac subject to 2 conditions.

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Property Information

0 E. Governor John Sevier Hwy.

West side of E Governor John Sevier Highway at French Road Intersection

Commission District 9

17.45 acres

South County

Land Use Designation? LDR (Low Density Residential) & HP (Hillside Protection) & SP (Stream Protection)

Currently on the Property
Agriculture, Forestry, Vacant

Growth Plan
Planned Growth Area

Case Notes

Staff Recommendation
Approve PR (Planned Residential) zoning up to 3 du/ac because it is compatible with surrounding development and consistent with the sector plan, subject to 2 conditions:
1) Maintain a tree buffer with 50-ft of depth along the Governor John Sevier Highway frontage, except for allowing approved access to Governor John Sevier Highway, as recommended by the Governor John Sevier Scenic Highway Corridor Study. High visibility tree protection fencing shall be installed before clearing and grading activities begin and maintained until site and building construction are complete.
2) No clearing or grading of the site shall be permitted until a Concept Plan or Use on Review development plan is approved by the Planning Commission
Disposition Summary
Approve PR (Planned Residential) zoning up to 4.85 du/ac subject to 2 conditions.

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Jerry Price

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