Plan Amendment

One Year Plan Amendment


Recommended for approval
by the Planning Commission

Approve the One Year Plan amendment to the LI (Light Industrial) land use classification because it is a minor extension and is consistent with adjacent development.


Property Info

What's next?

Applicant Request


Property Information


Southwest side of East Weisgarber Rd, northwest of Middlebrook Pike

Council District 3

8.42 acres

Northwest County

Land Use Designation? O (Office)

Currently on the Property
Agriculture/Forestry/Vacant Land

Growth Plan
N/A (Within City Limits)

What's next?

After the Planning Commission
This Plan Amendment case in the City was recommended for approval. The appeal deadline - April 28, 2023 has passed.

Winterpast Development, LLC - Dennis Norvet

Case History

This program aims to increase transit in disadvantaged communities and reduce the impact of climate change. Knoxville-Knox County Planning, in partnership with KAT and the city, will develop a Transit-based Opportunities Map to identify locations for development along key transit corridors that target attainable housing and employment opportunities. Transit-oriented development (TOD) prioritizes efficient, equitable, sustainable development. It also helps reduce poverty and further benefit communities by:

  • Encouraging greater transit use,
  • Reducing automobile use,
  • Maximizing existing infrastructure
  • Reducing emissions, and
  • Providing mixed and low-income housing options.